Day 5 – Soup Does a Body Good – Food for Homeless Outreach Centers

While all homeless service providers are members of the Merrimack Valley Food Bank and do receive funds specific to food service, there is still a great need – largely due to the increase of homeless men and women in the City of Lowell. This increase has all homeless outreach centers that provide food service “in the red” in their food budgets.


Here’s how you can help, shop frugally, spend some time in fellowship with family and friends and warm a belly.

  1. Make a big pot of soup – here is a recipe for a 60 serving pot of chicken noodle soup – everyone knows that the soup does a body good.
  2. Make a big pot of Pasta (Red) Sauce – the ingredients are inexpensive, we always wind up making too much – so why not increase the amount, store or freeze what you know you will need for family meals and donate the rest. Here is a link to a 60 serving – hearty pasta sauce recipe
  3. Banana bread – purchase all the super ripe bananas on the produce clearance rack at MB or SS and bake away. Typically 3 bananas per loaf – Here is a link to a recipe that we have used for years and the ingredients are pretty inexpensive.
  4. Bake Bread – if fresh baked bread is your bliss – ingredients are inexpensive enough and a few loaves may be baked in the oven at the same time.
  5. Fresh fruit & veggies – one key food product that is in demand and so hard to come by in a homeless service provider kitchen  is fresh produce. Head on down to the Hay Market in Boston around 1-2pm on a Saturday and you can barter vast quantities of fruits and veggies for pennies on the $$.


Do you have any ideas? Please, do post them!

Arrangements for food donations should definately be made in advance so the organizations can plan for the use of resources

1. Living Waters Center of Hope

2. Pathfinder – 94 Rock St. Lowell (978) 458-3387

3. Lowell Transitional Living Center

All donations are tax deductible

Questions about what you can do?

Call Kristin (978) 654-5617 or email


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