DHCD Seeking Re-Housing Specialist Contractors

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Rehousing Specialist Contractors


During the course of Fiscal Year 2014, approximately 6,000 families receiving the HomeBASE Rental Assistance benefit will transition off the two-year program. In addition, approximately 85 families will be transitioning off a small, four-year program that provided rental assistance called Moving to Economic Opportunity (MEOP). The DHCD Rehousing Team will focus primarily on the transition from HomeBASE, but will also provide support to families and providers transitioning from the MEOP program as it will require similar activities.

The DHCD Rehousing Specialist will work on a team with four other Rehousing Specialists, under the supervision and direction of the Director of State Rental Assistance Programs and the HomeBASE and RAFT Program Manager. The DHCD Rehousing Specialists are responsible for designing, coordinating and implementing all services, communications and other elements related to families transitioning off of short-term rental assistance subsidies in Fiscal Year 2014. These duties include, but are not limited to:

a) Responding to inquiries and issues from HomeBASE families, stabilization case managers, program managers and landlords about the transition
b) Making referrals to community services including Community Action Agencies and other social service providers in the client’s area to ensure the clients are maximizing benefits and available resources
c) Coordinating regular communications directly from DHCD to participant families and landlords and assisting HomeBASE agencies with similar communications (including guidance for mailings through Tracker system)
d) Researching and collecting best practices around re-housing strategies and disseminating those strategies by providing technical assistance to stabilization case managers and continued training
e) Assisting HomeBASE agencies and other providers in facilitating group trainings with families on strategies to develop a re-housing plan and sharing best practices with other families in similar transition phases
f) Assisting the State Rental Assistance Data Specialist in technical assistance and disseminating guidance to manage data collection and reporting on transitioning families in DHCD’s data systems (ASIST and Tracker)
g) Collecting and analyzing data and monitoring HomeBASE Stabilization efforts for the families transitioning off rental assistance to ensure that all families are identified and receiving communication and support around the transition
h) Assisting State Rental Assistance Data Specialist and HomeBASE Program Manager in compiling data and reports to present progress to DHCD Senior Staff, the Interagency Council on Housing and Homelessness, Lt. Governor’s Office, the Governor’s Office, advocates and other stakeholder

Preferred Qualifications:

1. Experience in program and/or project management
2. Experience in providing technical assistance to the human services and/or housing fields
3. Experience in homelessness prevention and/or rapid rehousing programs (local, state, federal) and/or rental assistance, supportive housing, transitional housing experience (local, state, federal).
4. Experience working with non-profit agencies
5. Familiarity with state’s homelessness programs, such as Emergency Assistance, HomeBASE and/or other DHCD rental assistance programs
6. Ability to provide guidance to diverse groups and elicit support and cooperation
7. Ability to deal one-on-one with individuals in crisis with calm and resourcefulness
8. Ability to work independently and collaboratively, multi-task and meet deadlines
9. Excellent written and oral communication skills
10. Proficiency in using Microsoft Word and Excel to produce documents and reports.
11. Travel across the state will be required. Those employees who elect to use a motor vehicle for travel must have a current and valid Massachusetts Class D Motor Vehicle Operator’s license or the equivalent from another state.
12. For one of the five vacancies the agency is seeking a bilingual candidate who speaks both Spanish and English.


Contract positions run for 14 months from May 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014.

There are no benefits associated with this position.


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