Homeless Outreach to Lowell’s Tent Cities

In late winter we detailed our outreach to the Beaver Brook homeless camp site and there is some good news to report as result of outreach done today by myself and our Veteran Specialist, Roland Cartier.

The site we visited with and did some re-housing from went from having nine individuals living there to having just three. One gentleman we engaged today is certainly motivated to re-house and is willing to allow us to assist him in this process. We are already working with another female that continues to reside in this camp.

There is a second campsite at Beaver Brook that sits in the shadow of the University. The were four structures at the site with four individuals staying there. The camp site is pretty clean and well set up. They even have a trampoline down there on the beach and a community mail space! Unfortunately, these four individuals weren’t “home” at the time of our visit and left information to connect with our team here at CTI. The land that both of the camp sites sit on is owned by University of Massachusetts at Lowell.



We continued along to another campsite between Aiken & Beaver Brook. This land is owned by the City of Lowell. Here we found just one person staying there. We wound up having to extinguish a still smoldering camp fire while we were there. First rule of camping – always put out your fire before you leave your site!


See this photo of what appears to be an abandoned “foxhole” shelter, most likely having been built by a homeless veteran.


Our next stop was the Hunts Falls Bridge camp sites. This land is owned by the Department of Transportation. Here, there were a total of four tent sites with two appearing to be in current use. Interestingly, one site appeared to be that of a homeless female.

Hunts FallsWho says homeless individuals aren’t interested in their representation?



At this campsite there was a significant fire event.

Hunts Falls2

HuntsFalls3HuntsFalls5Next week our journey continues to three other campsites located along the Concord River, Western Ave and Middlesex St.


One thought on “Homeless Outreach to Lowell’s Tent Cities

  1. I would like to offer a suggestion for a formation of an A-Team of partners to help with the homeless population in the Merimack Valley to help guide them into different programs suitable for their specific needs.The team should consist of a Homeless outreach counselor, a clinician,Dmh outreach support,Veteran peer specialist,VA outreach specialist to name a few. Between the Comminity partners of CTI,LTLC,VA,DMH,Elliot services etc.This can be achieved at less cost than what we think. Thanks

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