Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget


Some great tips courtesy of CTI’s Financial Literacy department about how to save money when you shop for groceries:

Grocery Shopping on a Shoe-String

·       Create a menu for the week and only buy the ingredients you need.

·       Take inventory of your cupboard so you won’t buy something you do not need.

·       Gather coupons online, in newspapers and store flyers and/or try a coupon swap with neighbors, friends, etc.

·       Ask if store coupon can be combined with manufacturer’s coupon and/or if it can be doubled.

·       Map out meals & create list of ingredients.

·       Double up if you have the space- buying a large package of toilet. paper can be cheaper per roll than buying one roll.

·       Try to avoid using your credit card. If you don’t have the cash…don’t buy it. 

·       Bringing a calculator to add all items as you are getting will help with staying on your budget.

·       Look for store-brand items.

·       Visit your store early in the day for the best items that have been marked down as “day-old” bakery, meats, and produce. Save big money, especially on meat. You can stock up & freeze these items, splitting up packages that can provide 2-4 or more meals worth.

·       Check-out the clearance racks or consider buying items closer to expiration date which can sometimes be cheaper…and freeze them.

·       Cover & seal your items securely to ensure they last longer. 

·       Double your recipes & freeze the leftovers for another day.

·       Sometimes a full chicken breast with skin-on is cheaper than buying them skinned, boned and cut. It can be a tiny bit time-consuming but cutting, skinning and de-boning your chicken is easy and can save your wallet!


2 thoughts on “Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget

  1. Great Suggestions! Also,
    Use a debit card instead of a credit card.
    Buy clothes off-season at discount, unless you or the kids are on growing cycles!
    Make your own snacks. Buy a bag of loose popcorn and pop it on the stove, spice it up with a little butter, salt, and maybe some grated cheese. Tasty and much cheaper and healthier than microwave popcorn or a bag of chips.
    Snack on veggies, carrots, celery, etc. and make your own sour cream dip with soup mix. Much cheaper and healthier than prepared snacks.
    Be careful of wholesale stores, Costo, BJ’s, etc. Make sure you buy enough necessities to cover your annual card cost. But, don’t buy more than you need. However, if you do use them, Costo and some others have very cheap gasoline. Also, computers, electronics, tires, and eyeglasses can be much less expensive there.
    Look for factory, clothing, or bakery outlet stores.

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