Employment Opportunities at Community Teamwork


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Early HeadStart Teacher/FSW Non-Exempt Full-Time
Bus Monitor Non-Exempt Full-Time
WIC Nutritionist Non-Exempt Full-Time
Housing Consumer Education Counselor Non-Exempt Full-Time
Budget Coordinator Exempt Full-Time
Intake Manager Exempt Full-Time
Health and Wellness Director Exempt Full-Time
Assistant Center Director Exempt Full-Time
Custodian Non-Exempt Part-Time and Temporary
Director of WIC Program Exempt Full-Time
HomeBase Case Manager Non-Exempt Full-Time
SSFES Case Manager Non-Exempt Full-Time
Residential Programs Operations Coordinator Non-Exempt Full-Time
Congregate Shelter Case Manager Non-Exempt Full-Time
Special Programs Representative Non-Exempt Full-Time
Assistant Teacher Non-Exempt Full & Part-Time
Contracts and Budget Director Exempt Full-Time

Non-Exempt                   Part-Time

Non-Exempt                                      Part-Time

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