LTLC Winter (Protocol) Ceasing Operation 4/1/13

homeless shelter bed

David McCloskey, Executive Director at Lowell Transitional Living Center has advised that the Winter (Protocol) Emergency Bed program will cease operations. The last evening that they will take guests into this program will be 3/31/13. Questions? Cal (978) 458-9888


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CTI’s Home Modification Loan Program Breaking Down Barriers for Area Residents

In the Lowell Sun’s 10/13/12 edition, is a great story about a gentleman and his family who were served well through Community Teamwork’s Home Modification Loan Program for Elderly and Disabled Homeowners.
The full story is here. As an aside, this family also participated in our First Time Home Buyer classes.

This is one of our favorite programs to promote as the benefits in accessing this loan program, in many cases, is life changing. The overall intent of this program is to keep homeowners and their dependents in the home by making physical accommodation in the home so that a residents may live safely.

The Home Modification Loan Program (HMLP) at Community Teamwork, Inc. is a state funded loan program that provides no or low interest loans to modify the homes of elders and individuals with disabilities. Established by the Massachusetts Legislature in 1999, the program’s goal is to facilitate community first living options for people with disabilities. Continue reading

The Bag Lady Generation – The New Face of Homelessness – Revisited

This post was originally posted on 10/10/10 here on the Merrimack Valley Homeless Network blog.  This past week, at the Lowell Continuum of Care meeting, the topic of women in their mid-to-late 50’s and the fact that they are an increasing statistic in our shelters, came up. With that, I felt it important to bring this article forward once again as we consider policy and funding directives for our homeless population.


I found this blog post at a couple of weeks back and found it fascinating and had meant to post it then, but am doing so now, following a discussion I had with my mother and aunt this morning about the women of their generation; the stay-at-home Mom vs. the bust- through- the- glass ceiling – career woman with children. Continue reading